Archive Section Label Designs

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Archive Section Label Designs

As the designer of The Nib Magazine I get to create a wide range of interesting items. From typography to graphic icons, the fun part of editorial design is making things on the fly. For example a section on archival comics runs in every issue, so I get to design faux library labels. Complete with […]

The Nib Magazine Shortlisted for The Stack Awards 2018

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The Nib Magazine Shortlisted for The Stack Awards 2018

The Nib Magazine has been shortlisted for the 2018 Stack Awards. Stack Magazines identified inspiring, global, independent magazines published between October 2017 and September 2018. To be recognized for these prestigious international publishing and design awards for the premier issue is an amazing feat. It is also a fitting tribute to the vision and hard work of Nib […]

Seattle Design Festival Installation and Video

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By Mark Kaufman In my other job as a partner at Vivitiv, we were asked to participate in the Seattle Design Festival Design Marks Project last month. Vivitiv along with 24 other local design firms designed 8-foot tall location markers with QR codes where viewers could experience how the design of Seattle’s urban landmarks has […]

Drawmark/Vivitiv Holiday Schedule

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By Mark Kaufman I need a break. Time to put this elf on the shelf.

Step Inside the Article

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For those of you who asked how you can see the Step Inside Design article featuring Vivitiv and Drawmark online, here’s a link to a PDF version. The magazine hasn’t posted the latest issue on their site yet.

From the Editors Desk

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By Mark Kaufman From the desk of Tom Biederbeck, Editor of Step Inside Design Magazine: “…in this issue we are thrilled to present articles by two of the finest writers working in the field of design journalism. Matt Porter’s profile of Jacki McCarthy and Mark Kaufman, ‘Wish You Were Here’ on page 52, portrays this […]

Vivitiv Move

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         By Mark KaufmanVivitiv is moving.  That means that Drawmarkis moving too. As of March 1, 2008 our new address will be:4745 40th Ave. SWSuite 101Seattle, WA 98116Tel     | 206.623.9294    Fax    | It is Alive.

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By Mark KaufmanMuch like the cobblers kids that had no shoes, Vivitiv, our design concern has been without a working website for some time. I know it’s embarrassing, but we kept churning out work for our clients over the years and our site kept being pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Well, those […]

Technology Alliance Luncheon 2007

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By Mark KaufmanHere is a a detail of new project that Vivitiv designed for the Technology Alliance. It is for the Technology Alliance’s annual luncheon, which this year features a keynote conversation with Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft and Ed Lazowska, professor and Gates Chair of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. […]