Archive Section Label Designs

Posted by on Feb 2, 2022 in comics, Editorial Design, The Nib, Vivitiv News

Archive Section Labels for The Nib Magazine

As the designer of The Nib Magazine I get to create a wide range of interesting items. From typography to graphic icons, the fun part of editorial design is making things on the fly. For example a section on archival comics runs in every issue, so I get to design faux library labels. Complete with faked signatures of the researchers, rubber stamps, and graphics relating to the issue themes. I devised a system for issue number one and have made tiny incremental changes through the years. Just like the use of standard forms over the course of many years. Even though it may become a rote process for librarians to stamp, date, and catalogue items, it’s more than fun for me to try to keep these fresh. For this reason I’m looking forward to starting issue number twelve.

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