Editorial Illustration

From the January 2022 Food issue of The Nib Magazine. Design and illustration by Mark Kaufman.

Over thirty cartoonists from across the world look at our relationship with food from every conceivable angle. Because food is something we all need to survive, this issue looks at a wide-range of topics, from an ode to a rice cooker, rations of the British empire, food allergies, people that serve and cook our meals, to community fridges, and queer brunch. At one hundred and twelve pages, this is one tasty issue*. This was a fun one to work on with great work from a ton of great cartoonists, writers and illustrators. It was fascinating to watch as the work came in day after day. There’s a wide range of stories relating to important issues surrounding the food chain.

In addition to this illustration, I created vintage-style food mascots, and the table of contents pages design and illustration. As always I developed a bunch of typographic and design flourishes in the production stage for the magazine.

*There. I did it, the foodie pun you were all waiting for.

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