Olde Frothingslosh Labels

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By Mark Kaufman

I’m attending AIGA Seattle Into the Woods design conference this weekend. There will be a beer packaging workshop/panel hosted by a design team from Hornall Anderson Design Works. I don’t think I’ll be taking that workshop, because in my opinion there can be no beer packaging as fun, clever and engaging as Olde Frothingslosh, the “pale, stale ale with foam on the bottom”. Shown above are a bunch of labels from the mid 1950s to the early 1970s for the beer that started as a joke on a Pittsburgh radio station and grew into a beloved regional brand. At the upper left is a glow in the dark label from 1966, also featured is a label featuring Fatima Yechburg, Miss Olde Frothingslosh, as played by Marsha Phillips a 300-pound go-go dancer. More info here, here and here (mp3 downloads). Bottoms Down.

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