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Posted by on Aug 19, 2009 in Breaking News

By Mark Kaufman

I have been meaning to post this bit of old, non-breaking news for a while now. ICON 6 the Illustration Conference will be taking place July 14-17, 2010 in Los Angeles. I am sure y’all know about it already, what with the Twitter and the Facebook and the official website and all. You may have heard about it, but I would just like to recommend the conference. If you are an illustrator, animator, graphic designer, fine artist, product designer, art director, anywhere you may fall on the creative continuum, this is a conference that is well worth it. I have been to many design conferences over the years on a number of topics, produced by many different organizations and ICON is one of the best. I have been to two of them now, in san Francisco and New York and the producers do a very good job of getting the best of the best in the industry from around the globe to speak and moderate sessions, a wide variety of useful information and seminars, and quite frankly you meet a better class of people at ICON than you do at most design conferences, friendlier, more approachable and certainly funnier. Save the date, ICON is well worth it.

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