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Drawmark blog, The Nib Magazine Kickstarter advertising campaign

Yes, the Drawmark blog has been sitting dormant for a while. I tend to say this a great deal. Mostly because I’m both lazy and busy at the same time. This time out is was all about the busy. Since my last post we’ve settled into our new home and studio in Las Vegas and I’ve been keeping out of trouble with a wide array of design projects. Vivitiv, our design firm has been working with long-term clients such as The City of Bellevue, The Technology Alliance, and King County Housing Association. We are fortunate enough to work with new clients such as Accenture, The Nevada Preservation Foundation and Cedar Grove.

On the illustration side of the ledger, new projects with Airbnb, First Look, and The Nib. In addition to doing comics on politics and culture for The Nib, they’ve been keeping me busy with several animation projects, hand-lettering, internal illustration and design.

Most importantly, I’m working with the editorial team as the designer for the upcoming print magazine. From designing the Kickstarter campaign, to working out the nuts and bolts of a 116 page magazine, to populating the book with amazing content from a wide range of cartoonists, artists, and writers. This was an enormous task that we’ve been working on for months. I couldn’t be happier on the success of the funding campaign. The initial goal was met in a matter of days, and hit all the ambitious stretch goals before the 30 day deadline. As I write this, the magazine is in production and will be revealed to the world at the 2018 Small Press Expo on September 15.

Whoosh. That’s just a little bit of what I’ve been up to. I always promise to update this blog on a more regular basis. I am quite obviously a big fat liar. Until next time.

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