Drawmark Threadless Shop. Where The Cynics Shop.

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Drawmark Treadless shop. Where the Cynics Shop. Yes, that is correct, you read that right. Want to wear vaguely depressing and or fatalistic gear? Well, the Drawmark Threadless shop is the place for you. Want to take a shower behind an angry shower curtain? The Drawmark Threadless shop is your shopping Heaven and/or Hell. Is crying under the covers you just staying on brand? say it with me now, the Drawmark Threadless shop.

Seriously though, check it out. I have literally hundreds of terrible ideas in my archives just waiting to be unleashed on the world and ready wrap around you like a warm, comforting feeling of dread and despair. Because what the world needs is a new, fresh brand. A brand for the people in your life who sit in the back of the room and would rather not talk to you. Which is strange because

Drawmark Treadless Shop. Where the Cynics Shop.

Drawmark products are real conversation starters. That’s the dichotomy of me and you and every other sullen teen that is all growed up. You have to let your freak flag fly, but at the same time you’d just as soon blend into the background. Case in point, my Tear it Down, Burn it Up shirt. It’s a statement that you can wear to the next DSA meeting, , anti-racist rally, or if you so desire, family holiday gatherings.

Here’s a new, terrible idea. When you’re on the road and you just can’t help it and have to shop at Wal Mart wear this Trumpmoji shirt, it’s bound to get you noticed, and elicit one of two reactions, high-fives all around or that “oh it’s on man, how dare you run down my President” look. So kick the tires of the Drawmark Threadless shop, I’m sure there is something that fits you and your awful self to a tee.

Thank you, Mark Kaufman, Discontent Provider.

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  1. Dr. Weatherman
    August 30, 2017

    Taking out my wallet now.


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