Comics, Illustration, Workshops and Cucks. Oh My!

Comics, Illustration, Workshops and Cucks. Oh My!

I have been a busy, little beaver with comics and design and illustration and workshops and conference andandand… Doing this, doing that. Doing all sorts of this, that and the other thing over the last year. TBH, I’ve mostly been wasting my life on Twitter. I haven’t had time to throw very much up on the blog. […]

I Now Have a Dropr Page.

Posted by on May 21, 2014 in Drawmark Spin Room

Dropr. Website. Blog. Behance. Creative Finder. Twitter. Tumblr. Dripbook. Illustration Age. ICON8. Adweek. I am all over this shit.

Society of Illustrators 56 Opening Night

Posted by on Feb 12, 2014 in Drawmark News, Drawmark Spin Room

I finally made the Society pages. Here’s a pic of me and my good friend, the amazing illustrator/designer/author, Mike Curato and my collage drawing at the opening reception for the Society of Illustrators 56 show. Great to meet so many people I know and admire, and to have my work hang in this historic gallery. […]

Top 20 Things I laerned at ICON7

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In the afterglow of attending ICON7, The Illustration Conference in Providence, RI last week, I thought I’d post a few observations on what I learned, and hopefully add to the conversation floating around the internets as illustrators, designers, art directors and educators disperse across the world, back to their drawing boards and computers. 1. Make […]

The Top 20 Things I Learned at ICON6

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1.     Most illustrators are very nice (unlike a design conference where people think who they are). 2.     The best/most interesting person/speaker in the world is Wayne White. 3.     Tim Biskup is pretty awesome too. 4.     Disney animators are the most boring people in the world. 5.     Disney animators feel it […]

Halloween Week

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By Mark Kaufman Last week of the election, housing prices down, unemployment up, Sarah  Palin…cheer up everybody, it’s Halloween Week!

Spin Room

Posted by on Oct 14, 2008 in Drawmark Spin Room

By Mark KaufmanToday’s editorial in the Anchorage Daily News thinks that Sarah Palin’s spin on her troopergate “vindication” is worth about as much as this spin art I found on a Portland garbage can.