Current Mood: The Future is Depressing

Current Mood: The Future is Depressing

The Future is depressing, but so is the past. Especially when it comes to searching through the archives. Looking for something on my computer generally drops me firmly down the rabbit hole of things. In looking for one thing, I come across many other things that I have either forgotten about, or vaguely remember. Like this […]



Recent piece post-Charleston. Take it down. Burn it up.

Detail of New Drawmark Promo

I just saw proofs today on the new Drawmark promo piece that I’m bringing with me to ICON7, The Illustration Conference. Looks Great!

Drawmark and Vivitiv Garner Seattle Show Award

Posted by on Mar 13, 2009 in Mark Kaufman Illustration Promotion Library

Mark Kaufman toasts Seattle Show award.By Mark Kaufman Here I am toasting the inclusion of a Drawmark self-promotion campaign into the 2009 Seattle Show. Thanks to my partner at Vivitiv, Jacqueline McCarthy for her assistance in the design of the self-promotion brochure series and for snapping me hamming it up at the awards ceremony.

Drawmark Illustration Promo Library

Posted by on Feb 24, 2009 in Mark Kaufman Illustration Promotion Library

Serious. Sick. Smart.By Mark Kaufman Here’s an example of an oversized postcard that I used for several years. Serious. Sick. Smart was the headline. I think it was rather successful, I made a bunch of contacts with it, but like anything it probably turned away alot of people from ever thinking of using me. Sometimes […]

Illustration Promotion Library

Posted by on Dec 13, 2008 in Mark Kaufman Illustration Promotion Library

By Mark Kaufman Since I have a bunch of leftover samples of mailers promoting my illustration over the years, I am going to post them when I come across them. I find them everywhere, in drawers, file folders, closets, trunk of my car, and old coat pockets. Hopefully some of these have landed on your […]